Have you ever heard of an advertising agency with actual real retail experience?

We have lived and flourished on your side of the street for many years.

Jeff Roberts, as owner and president, has decades of experience in retail, promotions, sales  and marketing. He has enjoyed many successful years as a sales person, sales trainer, sales manager / closer, and General Manager with Ford Motor Company. He has successfully promoted some of the largest outside music events in the North East. Jeff has also owned clothing stores and understands what it takes to make the phone ring and the door swing!

16 years ago, he came back to his real love… Marketing! He really enjoys helping other companies find success.

Real promotional & marketing expertise cannot be taught in a college or graduate class. “If the professors had all the answers they wouldn’t be teachers,” Jeff says. Real marketing success can only come from one place… Experience! Jeff, as they say, has failed and succeeded his way to the top of totally understanding how to quickly put his clients brand on the map!

Jeff’s company was known before 2006 as Roberts Marketing & Media Management (RMMM), which has been located just outside Nashville, Tennessee. RMMM has used several Audio, Video and Animation facilities in Nashville and across the US. In 2006 RMMM has aligned with the best of these specialties to form The Eagleville Marketing Group. <> We are an agency that helps retail and service businesses make a great first and lasting impression with their market. As always with selling, the most important step is… THE FIRST AND LASTING IMPRESSION! After that our talented script writing will continue to tell your story in a way that it will be understood, digested, and most importantly… REMEMBERED!

We also manage and organize your ad budget for you. You will receive a complete, easy-to-understand budget and calendar at the beginning of every month. You will clearly see how much it costs, when you are on the air and what media your using. With one call to us you have complete control as we squeeze and manage your marketing dollars to be as effective as possible. Another side benefit is that we fend off all those calls from reps selling anything from print, radio, TV, to pens and pencils. We represent you to them so you have more time to do what you do best… RUN YOUR BUSINESS!