Media Buying

Buying media direct from the station is like going to trial without a lawyer.

AE’s from your local TV & Radio stations are on commission. Most will recommend a schedule that they believe will satisfy your budget and their manager’s goals. These good people, as they compete for the largest portion of your budget, will submit compelling data designed to make their station seem to be the best choice. This data usually makes sense, but it can be skewed. I’m not condemning any of my account executive friends. Most AE’s provide a lot of good service or they wouldn’t be in business. My point is this…  You need someone who has your interest and only your interest at heart.

We represent you to all media, and what works best for you should be dependent on your budget, your location and what services or products you’re providing.

Advertising on your own opens the door to many mistakes. One of the largest is lack of frequency! It’s better to talk to 20 people 100 times than 100 people 20 times. Because of wrong influences on decision-making, that rule is too many times ignored. Even some professional advertising agencies that understand this still don’t practice it. There are many reasons this rule is ignored, and the most repeated is a budget spread too thin for too long. One of the leading contributors to this is that we allow fear of what the competition is doing to influence what we do. If you can do one thing… do it right! Then as you grow so should your budget and therefore you expand your brand.

The bottom line is this: We represent you to all media. What and how much we buy is based on your budget and what will work. We don’t allow any outside influences to cloud this decision. Buying media and advertising is a bit like baseball. You have to go to 1st base correctly before 2nd & 3rd. What media is at 1st should be based on your budget your location and what you sell. Remember – frequency is the name of the game.

We completely understand that in the end of the day, your company’s results will directly effect both of us. It’s very rare that our clients leave us. In fact it just doesn’t happen. We have many loyal clients that have been with us more than 10 years. We will provide you with references upon request. The reason we don’t list them here is their privacy. You may, however, click here to view some testimonials.