Jeff Roberts
President of Eagleville Marketing

Jeff is a gifted script / copywriter. He knows how to make your message believable and desirable. His focus is to oversee all media purchasing and budgeting. He makes sure you get the most for your ad dollar. His weakness is airplanes. On a clear Saturday he can be seen at 2,500 feet looking for cheap pancakes at a distant airport.

T. J. Sims
Video Recording, Directing, Editing

This guy is the best video editor on the planet… bar none! Plus, his smooth voice-overs are something to behold, but he’s overly-educated and loves his Golden Retriever more than the women in his life. Hmmm… he may have something there!

Richard Kearney
Music & Audio Production

Richard is a multi-talented music arranger, composer, audio producer, singer, voice over. He’s one of Music City’s premier pianist. Richard performs every Sunday in one of Nashville’s largest churches. This jingle-writing man shoots right on target… literally! We believe he owns way too many guns and I would strongly suggest you don’t cross him!

Kevin Kilpatrick
Audio Voiceover Producer

Kevin is one of the best voice talents and producers in the USA. His hard sell is the strongest we’ve ever heard, but he can get serious and downright mellow. He loves acting in the local theater, and he’s a devoted father of twin boys. Based on our experience, we believe he may want to start seeing a shrink in preparation for their teenage years.

Mike Halsey
Animator Extraordinaire

Mike employs the best talent in Nashville, next to him of course. If you let us put you on the map with one of his animated logos, or characterizations, the end product will definitely elevate your business above the crowd. If Mike has a weakness, it’s his boarding of a few stray felines.

Autumn Payne
Graphic Design

Autumn has created some of the best stand-out logos you’ll find. Any graphic or artwork you may need, she can handle the task. Simple cards to large banners, attention-getting direct mail pieces to plain business cards. Autumn is very talented but she has relied on the direction of her brilliant father way too much.

James Scarlet
Direct Mail Expert

James is the best there is at targeting your demo with direct marketing. He can target the exact income level, age group, credit score, or even specify home ownership if needed. No wasted media dollars out of your marketing zone. James does have the same problem as Jeff Roberts in that if the sky is clear his wings are flapping.